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Re: [p2-dev] Trying to make sense of agent, installer and director

In one respect, they are all the same (agent, installer, director) as it is the same code beneath the surface.
It is the UI and how you tell it what you want that differs.

Some small notes:
- the 'director.app' is part of every SDK. There is also a separate headless director.
- the p2-installer can be directed to install anything by modifying the installer.properties. It's UI is streamlined as it performs the installs a particular way.

Henrik Lindberg

On Jun 4, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Torsten Schlabach wrote:

Hi all!

I am currently trying to gain an understanding of how I will manage my
Eclipse SDK and Eclipse based product installations in the future. This
includes both RCP apps as well as possibly headless installations. I
understand p2 is what I want in the future, for a number of good reasons.

Now I am trying to understand what's offered to me at


I think I am most interested in the sections


What would be the difference between

- A launcher for my platform
- An Equinox p2 agent
- An Equinox p2 installer
- The Equinox director which is not listed here at all, but I found it
on the Buckminster update site

My guess was:

- The agent can install arbitrary artifacts into arbitrary locations.
This is managed using some kind of profiles.
- The installer is a special purpose agent which can only install
Eclipse SDK?
- The director is the same as the agent, just it can run headless.
- After I will have installed by SDK for example, using either the agent
or the installer or the director, I will not yet have a launcher because
Launchers are not installable by using p2.

Are my guesses about right?


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