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[p2-dev] p2 installer ?

I'd like to setup a shared install:

> "Get the installer for your platform from the equinox download page"
  done (launchers-linux.gtk.x86.3.5RC1.tar.gz)

> Unzip the installer anywhere on your local disk, eg., /opt/eclipse
? Here I have some trouble. The installer is a .tar.gz and contains 

> Run the p2 installer executable, eg., /opt/eclipse/p2installer

mawercer:/tmp/eclipse# ls -1

There is no p2installer.. ?
unzip ? there is a binary/org.eclipse.equinox.executable_root.gtk.linux.x86_3.3.200.v20090507-7M-Fm-FI3UouOdgtbIvrva
path containing a .zip. Is this the one to unzip?
When doing so there is a ./launcher.
When running that I get message box telling me:
"The Launcher executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library"'

So what's wrong? Is the wiki out of date? Have I got the wrong installer?

Marc Weber