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[p2-dev] Proper Way To Install from P2 Zipped Repos

Hi There,

I am trying to integrate P2 into my build process.  Let's say I want to
create a temporary installation of the Eclipse platform runtime, then
install the CVS, PDE, and JDT runtimes into it.  From what I can tell,
the best way to do this is to:

1) Unzip the eclipse platform runtime zipfile
2) Call the director app headlessly to install the various other bits

I'd like to download and install the "other bits" using zipped P2
repositories.  I found this wiki page that basically describes the above


My question is - is this page still up to date and relevant?  It seems
that a lot of information on the wiki is out of date, or has been
superceded, and I don't want to waste my time going down the wrong path
if there is a better/easier solution.

If it matters, I'll be doing all of this from an Ant script.  I'd be
happy to update the wiki if it is out of date, and I can get a pointer
in the right direction.