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[p2-dev] root files

Ciao Experts :)
Something seems to have changed since 3.4.1 concerning root files and
how to get them into a repository.
In my 3.4-based build I had a feature, included by
featureList=<feature>, and within that feature I had a line

This way all files in root.files ended up in the root of my installation
if I installed the product. Now, this does not seem to work anymore.
Instead of adding the root files to the launcher binary artifact
separate feature IUs get generated, which is the first problem since the
feature's only purpose is to provide root files, not to end up at the
customer site. Also, that IU is never referenced by my product and the
root file never gets installed :(

With pdebuild now doing the whole metadatageneration right at the time
the build is happening the whole system is different. Also, I might have
missed messages/bugs/blogs/twitters that dealt with this problem, would
you mind enlightening me? :)

Ciao, hh