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[p2-dev] WizardWithLicenses enables finish before accepting license

Title: WizardWithLicenses enables finish before accepting license
I couldn’t find an existing bugzilla addressing this but wanted to check here first.

I am currently calling PreselectedIUInstallWizard and I don’t know whether this is an issue with the other wizards as well but it may be. In any case, the problem is that due to the ordering of calls between when the license page is added by WizardWithLicenses.getNextPage() and when canFInish() is called causes the finish button to be enabled prior to the user accepting licenses even though a license is provided by selected IUs. Of course, this allows users to install Ius without accepting the license. If next is pressed rather than finish, then the finish button is correctly disabled until the user accepts the license.

If you want me to log this bugzilla, please let me know.


--David Dubrow