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[p2-dev] ProductAction and multiple products

I'm puzzled by the advices created by the publishers ProductAction. This is the method:

   private void createAdvice() {
       executableName = product.getLauncherName();
       info.addAdvice(new RootIUResultFilterAdvice(null));

The last RootIUResultFilterAdvice will yield *all* ROOT's found in the result. Further down the line, this causes the RootIUAction to create requirements to all those roots. Not a good approach when more then one single product is published to the repo. I tried to rectify this by running the ProductAction using an isolated inner result but then I ran into other problems since the EquinoxLauncherCUAction didn't find any version advice for the launchers and hence didn't emit the touchpoint actions needed for the eclipse.inf.

Before I go further and report a bugzilla on this, I'd like to know what the though behind this RootIUResultFilterAdvice is. Why is it there at all?

Thomas Hallgren