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[p2-dev] Avoiding JRE IUs and Generator Mode?

Hi There,

I am trying to integrate the P2 stuff into my build and I am getting
entries in my metadata for individual features like this:

<unit id='config.a.jre' version='1.6.0' singleton='false'>

<unit id='a.jre' version='1.6.0' singleton='false'>
  <provides size='159'>
      <provided namespace='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu' name='a.jre'

I am calling the "p2.generator" Ant task with noDefaultIUs set to "true"
(which avoids generating a whole pile of cruft), but the JRE stuff still
gets in there.  Is there any way to avoid the JRE stuff?  I plan on
merging all of my metadata at the end when I combine all of my features
into one large repository.

Also, what is the difference between "incremental" mode and "final"
mode?  I build my features individually using a custom set of scripts
and I think I want mode="final", but I'd like to know that the
difference is between the two.