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RE: [p2-dev] What is the purpose of IRequiredCapability.isMultiple()?

Hi Pascal,
I was more curious than anything.  I was trying to ensure that two different versions of a CU could not get installed at the same time, but after a little more digging I figured out that was what the singleton attribute was for.
Thanks for the reply,


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Subject: Re: [p2-dev] What is the purpose of IRequiredCapability.isMultiple()?

You are correct this is not use. This is a left over from our initial code. The idea was to allow for some kind of multiplicity to be specified (e.g. I want 2 matches for this requirement).
However the reality of delivering something caught us and we never implemented it. Also we never had a use case for it. Do you have a need for it? (If so what are you trying to do?).


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[p2-dev] What is the purpose of IRequiredCapability.isMultiple()?	

Hi All,

I saw the "multiple" attribute in the tests and the corresponding
undocumented method on IRequiredCapability.  What is the (future)
purpose of this?  It appears to be not used by anything at the moment.

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