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[p2-dev] M7 and on

Hello everyone,

Even though M7 is not officially declared, I'm calling it done from the p2 standpoint as we have no outstanding issue left. Thank you for your efforts!

Before entering the fix phase of RC1, I would like everyone to review their assigned bugs marked 3.5 and decide if they should be addressed. At this stage we should only be fixing things that are major hurdles and low risk polish items, and as such we should not be shy of moving things out. If you have any doubts or questions about a bug, ask the opinion of somebody else on the team.

Process wise, RC1 means that every fix must be reviewed by another contributor before being released (for this, please use the review entry in bugzilla). It also means no more N-build and just I-builds until the end of 3.5.

Finally if no one has objection, once M7 will have been declared, I will send out a call to the wider community asking for testing of their favourite scenarios and also proxy related issues that we don't have a nice way of testing.