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Re: [p2-dev] Using the new "sofware site" target provisioner

How do I configure a TP with delta-pack in a headless (unmaintained) scenario. Just unzipping doesn't seem to work and using the director to actually install the delta-pack feature doesn't seem to work either.

- thomas

Darin Wright wrote:
No, this is what I did... I D/L it, unzipped it, added the features 
and added the plugins dir.  Is that correct?  This is opposed to D/L
and unzip over an existing eclipse install.


Download it, unzip it, and then add the top level "eclipse" directory as 
one "Directory" location. We'll find the features and plug-ins in one 

For example, my "Eclipse SDK delta-pack" definition has two locations:

1. ${eclipse_home} (Installation)
2. c:\delta-pack\eclipse (Directory containing plugins & features 


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