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[p2-dev] Metarequirement site + project archive

Here's a small set of projects I've been using for testing out meta-requirements / install handlers.

Included are four projects:
p2.example.metareq.feature (feature that declares a metarequirement on an action and when installed calls the action -- install this when testing)
p2.example.metareq.holder.feature (This feature just holds the plugin that provides the action - mainly for creating the update site)
p2.example.metareqsite (update site project)
p2.example.provides.actionforfeature (bundle that provides the custom action - if successful will print a message to stdout saying that it was executed)

The update site is pre-built so if you're just testing you can just use it directly.

I've run a few sanity checks with these projects and others and the install handler mechanism seems to be working correctly in the UI.