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Re: [p2-dev] Build contribution

Howdy Pascal,

It's our intention to have a new version of ECF tomorrow (Mon) am at 800 pacific time...ready for this week's builds.


Pascal Rapicault wrote:

No new version of ECF

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 212047. [ui] - Wizards and Installation Pages should persist column widths (FIXED)
+ Bug 222498. [ui] Scope for update preferences (FIXED)
+ Bug 244813. Files Missing in update jars (FIXED)
+ Bug 245299. [planner] [ui] Patch features aren't detected as 'updates' (FIXED)
+ Bug 252393. [update] Error reading site digest message should reference real site (FIXED)
+ Bug 252682. [planner] Can not uninstall PDE generated patch (FIXED)
+ Bug 259109. [director] Unable to get p2.director task to work (FIXED)
+ Bug 263304. Metadata for determining what actions to install (FIXED)
+ Bug 264042. [ui] Persist wizard size for "Install new software..." (FIXED)
+ Bug 265550. Review Ant task consistency (FIXED)
+ Bug 266598. [planner] Make new explanation support react to cancellation (FIXED)
+ Bug 268016. [publisher] FeatureAction does not consider feature level filters (FIXED)
+ Bug 268142. [ui] Failing background update should not open a dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 268697. ProfileMetadataRepositoryTest fails on last assert (FIXED)
+ Bug 268967. [publisher] Publisher.loadMetadataRepository ignores removeFromManager argument (FIXED)
+ Bug 269507. [ui] let the user modify/delete a site URI on certain failure conditions (FIXED)
+ Bug 272240. [admin][ui] The wizard the admin ui does not show the explanation (FIXED)
+ Bug 272336. [ui] NPE in Profile Registry (FIXED)
+ Bug 272347. Failing AgentPlanTest* tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 272362. [publisher] Configure the update site parser to take a filename (FIXED)
+ Bug 272386. Memory use of Version objects (FIXED)
+ Bug 272705. [simpleconfigurator] Check for UNINSTALLED before starting bundle (FIXED)
+ Bug 272719. [repository] root cause of failure is hidden when merging processing steps (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 272743. PlatformConfigurationWrapper not correctly handling spaces in paths (FIXED)
+ Bug 272795. [ui] Bad layout and cropped information in install dialogs (FIXED)
+ Bug 272959. Validate profile after expanding partial IUs (FIXED)
+ Bug 273107. [transport] metadata repository load is not prompting for authentication (FIXED)
+ Bug 273126. p2.mirror app should have a mode to only slice platform dependant bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 273149. Old style of specifying config.ini properties for osgi.framework and osgi.bundles leads to p2 reconciler problems (FIXED)
+ Bug 273164. [planner] [test] Failing feature patch tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 273276. move {installFolder} initialization from touchpoints to installableunitphase (FIXED)
+ Bug 273293. [ui] Export Repositories does not have a default file extension (FIXED)
+ Bug 273348. [ui] Cancellation of Test Connection results in site available dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 273426. [shared] After an update install is not synching with shared profile (FIXED)
+ Bug 273480. Make touchpoint action SetProgramPropertyAction understand @artifact (FIXED)
+ Bug 273509. [ui] After backing out of a failed resolution a cycle exists between Resolution and License pages (FIXED)
+ Bug 273559. DirectorAppTest passes invalid options to the application (FIXED)
+ Bug 273627. Bad jar published for bundles without Manifests (FIXED)
+ Bug 273665. [ui] All artifact repositories are being consulted (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:


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