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Re: [p2-dev] Priorities

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

Given that we are almost done (1 full week of dev), the immediate focus is on :
- reducing the number of 3.5 bugs (fixing, deferring, etc.). I think you still have one assigned to you :)

I got two. One for the director (locking IU's) that I provided a patch for in May 2008. It never got applied, so I didn't figure that bug to have a very high prio ;-)

The other one you considered not to be for M7 yesterday:

- managing the inbox to make sure that nothing critical is falling through the cracks
- adding test cases

I would also want some tweaking to be done to the director app to for example allow for rollback and maybe update

Is there a bugzilla for that?

I'm happy to work on the director. Currently there are only two unassinged bugzillas marked 3.5. They are:

[director] director stores source repos in provisioned install

[director] Support multiple IUs in the director application

Which one is more important? The rollback/update, or one of these?

- thomas