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Re: [p2-dev] "Top" IU?

* DJ Houghton <DJ_Houghton@xxxxxxxxxx> [2009-04-15 09:37]:
> Are you able to write an Ant task and call it? If so, the easiest thing to do
> would be to query for all IUs with the root property.

Yes, I can call whatever I'd like.

> The logic for figuring out what to install in the dropins is in
> ProfileSynchronizer#createProfileChangeRequest. But it might not be what you
> want... it queries all IUs and tries to install everything. (optionally)

This would work.  My ant task would need to be the same regardless if it
happened after installation or uninstallation since I can't guarantee
the order of the bits being written to/deleted from the disk.
Therefore, installing everything like the ProfileSynchronizer does is
probably best.  If things are already installed, are they silently
ignored?  I'm okay as long as I don't get a return code of 1 or
something :)