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Re: [p2-dev] No repository found containing...

A possible cause could be that p2 looks for index files in a particular order, and once a particular index file has been selected, subsequent checks if the update site has been modified may not detect changes. (Have to search for the bug #, but this is being corrected). There is no issue if all index files gets touched when changes take place. (You would typically be hit by this issue if there is a stale site.xml that was loaded by a p2 client at some point.

Could that be the case here?

On Mar 30, 2009, at 12:05 PM, Daffin, Miles (IDEAS) wrote:

Just noticed something interesting whilst testing an internal P2 repo. I was trying to install everything from the site but kept getting the infamous "No repository found containing...". So I deleted the site p2 metadata (content and artifacts) leaving just the site.xml. I then removed the site from the list, added it back and refreshed. I then tried the install again. This time it was successful.
I have noticed this before, which leads me to suppose that the p2 metadata generator generates metadata differently from the way this is done when one loads a site which has no p2 meta in it. I just thought you would find this interesting. 
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