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[p2-dev] p2 projects tagged for i-build

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 231200. [ui] Updated locked iu by using install (FIXED)
+ Bug 256361. [ui] define clearly the rules of engagement for accessing and setting default Policy (FIXED)
+ Bug 256364. [repo] [ui] load composite repos eagerly (FIXED)
+ Bug 262611. [ui] Software without defined names do not match filters (FIXED)
+ Bug 263513. [ui] [gtk] install wizard was showing "by site" view (FIXED)
+ Bug 266859. FeatureParser should be split in two. One for the folder/jar and one for the feature manifest (FIXED)
+ Bug 267598. [publisher] FeatureAction.loadProperties() does not work unless feature is a directory (FIXED)
+ Bug 267853. [ui] Include site names in Available Software's "work with" combo box (FIXED)
+ Bug 267870. [ui] Enable completion in Available Software "work with" combo box (FIXED)
+ Bug 268156. [ui] Unencode repositories addresses when displaying in UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 268185. Director Application destination problems (FIXED)
+ Bug 268867. p2 build leaves repo behind in preferences (FIXED)
+ Bug 269400. [ui] IllegalArgumentException in site pref page (FIXED)
+ Bug 269456. [publisher] plugin based product ignores config start levels (FIXED)
+ Bug 269525. [installer] Stand-alone install uses installer p2.data.area (FIXED)
+ Bug 269527. [installer] support relative URI for installer descriptor and repositories (FIXED)
+ Bug 269532. [ui] StackOverFlow in install wizard test (FIXED)
+ Bug 269720. [ui] UI repo strings should be unencoded unless otherwise necessary (FIXED)

The following projects have changed: