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Re: [p2-dev] Director produces unwanted "SDKProfile" profile?

Hi Fredrik,
I noticed this too. My workaround for now is to provide -Declipse.p2.profile=<real profile> as an argument to the JVM.

I ran some debugging and could conclude that the equinox launcher picks up the SDKProfile from the config.ini of the IDE (assuming that the director you're running resides in an IDE) and uses it as the default 'self' profile. A -D setting on the command line will override this.

Thomas Hallgren

Fredrik Alströmer wrote:
Hi, me again,

I got my other problems figured out (was a signature verification
failure due to me having imported a plugin with sources into my
workspace), now I've upgraded to 3.5M6 and I noticed that running the
director to 'bootstrap' an installation creates a profile 'SDKProfile'
in addition to the one I specified on the commandline (-profile), not
my configuration is generated correctly, so my product is launched
with the correct profile.

Why is the SDKProfile-profile created, does it serve a purpose? (It
wasn't created when performing the same steps in M5) Could it be that
something 'accidentally' got installed into the wrong profile?

What's worse, the SDKProfile contains a 'p2.cache' property pointing
to (absolute path) the eclipse installation that I used do the
bootstrap, which it complains about not being able to find at startup.

Any ideas?

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