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Re: [p2-dev] Re: [orbit-dev] Best way to get a binary copy of the latest Orbitbundles

Jason van Zyl wrote:

On 13-Mar-09, at 12:55 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

Moving the conversation to the p2-dev.
I had seen your announcement about Nexus support for p2 repos and I was waiting for EclipseCon to chat with you there.

> Not sure if anyone is interested but we can support building bundles
> with Tycho and deploying the bundle to the remote Nexus.
When would the p2 metadata generation happen?

As the bundles are deployed.

Also what happens to the metadata in case of a copy from repos, I assume that Nexus stores it too?

If by copy you mean a physically host P2 repository, we would regenerate the metadata to make sure it's intact. This is what we do for Maven repositories as well in Nexus. In the case of the Orbit zip we downloaded it didn't seem to have any so we just generated it. Right now we are using the standard P2 metadata generator but we're finding it uses a _lot_ of memory so we're not sure if it's something that's known and will be fixed. We might take a crack at writing one as while we are combining many repositories it's doubling the normal memory requirements of Nexus.

p2 memory footprint is certainly a concern. Another concern is compatibility between different p2 versions. Which brings my question -- will it be possible to generate p2 repository compatible with eclipse 3.4.x using p2 from eclipse 3.5 or later?