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RE: [p2-dev] 3.5 M5 migration issue

Thanks Ian :)
Sounds like I should try to get more code into the query class! :)
Back in 3.4 I considered queries to be merely match queries and
collectors the ones where I could look at the resulting set of matching
IUs and filter that set to my wishes, looks like this concept is not the
right one to move forward so I'll adapt. You guys adapted as well
(LatestIUVersionCollector was removed, guess that logic is in a query
now..) so there is examples I can start with :)

Yeah, URL->URI, that's easy, a bit frustrating to run into some
exceptions if URL.toURI is used with platform-returned URLS but quickly
fixed by using the URIUtils :) My real problem there is that I heavily
used the MetadataRepositories class as input for views, a class that was
heavily reworked and can't be used the way I used to, it's queryable
now, where it was a simple container of URL(or URI)s. I'll adapt here as
well.. :)

That native deadlock is my biggest problem right now, I'm wondering if
anybody else saw this?
Thread [Thread-11] (Suspended)	
	UnixProxyProvider.getGConfProxyInfo(String) line: not available
[native method]	
line: 166	
line: 69	
	ProxyProvider(UnixProxyProvider).getProxyData() line: 62	
	ProxyManager.getNativeProxyData() line: 182	
	ProxySelector.getProxyData(String) line: 66	
	ProxyType.getProxyData(String) line: 426	
	ProxyType.updateHttpSystemProperties() line: 382	
	ProxyType.updateSystemProperties(IProxyData) line: 211	
	ProxyType.initialize() line: 509	
	ProxyManager.initialize() line: 281	
	Activator.start(BundleContext) line: 179	
	BundleContextImpl$1.run() line: 807	
line: not available [native method]	
	BundleContextImpl.startActivator(BundleActivator) line: 798	
	BundleContextImpl.start() line: 779	
	BundleHost.startWorker(int) line: 352	
	BundleHost(AbstractBundle).start(int) line: 280	
	SecureAction.start(Bundle, int) line: 408	
	EclipseLazyStarter.postFindLocalClass(String, Class,
ClasspathManager) line: 111	
	ClasspathManager.findLocalClass(String) line: 447	
	DefaultClassLoader.findLocalClass(String) line: 194	
	BundleLoader.findLocalClass(String) line: 376	
	SingleSourcePackage.loadClass(String) line: 33	
	BundleLoader.findClassInternal(String, boolean, ClassLoader)
line: 440	
	BundleLoader.findClass(String, boolean) line: 405	
	BundleLoader.findClass(String) line: 393	
	DefaultClassLoader.loadClass(String, boolean) line: 88	
	DefaultClassLoader(ClassLoader).loadClass(String) line: 251	
	DefaultClassLoader(ClassLoader).loadClassInternal(String) line:
	Class<T>.forName0(String, boolean, ClassLoader) line: not
available [native method]	
	Class<T>.forName(String) line: 169	
	Activator.getProxyService() line: 163	
xies() line: 844	
ieveRequest(IFileID, IFileRangeSpecification, IFileTransferListener,
Map) line: 776	
ieveRequest(IFileID, IFileTransferListener, Map) line: 477	
IFileTransferListener, Map) line: 95	
String, OutputStream, IConnectContext, IProgressMonitor) line: 215	
	ECFTransport.performDownload(String, OutputStream,
IConnectContext, IProgressMonitor) line: 164	
	ECFTransport.download(String, OutputStream, IProgressMonitor)
line: 144	
URI, OutputStream, IProgressMonitor) line: 463	
OutputStream, IProgressMonitor) line: 446	
OutputStream, IProgressMonitor) line: 513	
	WRInstallAction.execute(Map) line: 45	
	ParameterizedProvisioningAction.execute(Map) line: 33	
	Install(Phase).mainPerform(MultiStatus, EngineSession, IProfile,
Operand[], ProvisioningContext, SubMonitor) line: 116	
	Install(Phase).perform(MultiStatus, EngineSession, IProfile,
Operand[], ProvisioningContext, IProgressMonitor) line: 62	
EngineSession, IProfile, Operand[], ProvisioningContext,
IProgressMonitor) line: 44	
	Engine.perform(IProfile, PhaseSet, Operand[],
ProvisioningContext, IProgressMonitor) line: 51	
	InstallerThread.run() line: 162	

Ciao, hh
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I don't know about the native call, but I can offer some advice on the

We are trying to move away from collectors (more work in 3.6) in favour
of more advanced queries.  The reason for this is that repository
implementors could potentially optimize queries based on their
repository implementation.  For example, get latest version, could be a
quick query if the repository stored all the IUs in sorted order based
on their version.  

We would like to remove the requirement that collectors *must* be
returned, and those implementing IQueryables could return their own
collectors (possibly based on Futures or some other lazy loading
technology).  For more information on this, see [1].


As for the URL thing, you should be using URIs now.


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 11:13 AM, Haigermoser, Helmut
<Helmut.Haigermoser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

	Ciao Guys :)
	I was wondering if you could help me with a migration issue I'm
	with our previously 3.4-based installer.
	At some point in the installation process I reach a native call
	does not return:
	The native call is UnixProxyProvider.getGConfProxyInfo(String)
(this is
	gnome/gtk specific).
	The p2 version I'm using is the I-build of this week, same is
true for
	M5.. :(
	Also, in the past we were using Collectors a lot, as well as the
	MetadataRepositories class that was fed some URLs,
	looks like these concepts are not to be used anymore, Collector
is not
	derived more then 10 times anymore, and MetadataRepositories
cannot be
	fed URLs so easily anymore, do you have some pointers for
	E.g, I'm guessing that one should favor overriding the
IMatchQuery base
	classes instead of putting logic into Collectors?
	Ciao, hh
	P.S.: I could help write a migration guide, using my experience
	if you could use that info?
	p2-dev mailing list

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