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[p2-dev] ProductAction and RootIUResultFilterAdvice

I'm trying to put the ProductAction into a larger context where I generate an update site that contains several features and products. That resulted in product IUs with requirements on every other IU that's been published. What happens is that the ProductAction uses a RootIUResultFilterAdvice to compute the required capabilities so the product IU becomes dependent on everything generated up to that point. Needless to say, this makes hard to add publish more then one product.

The ProductAction also has a RootIUAdvice that only lists the children (features or plugins) of the product configuration. Why isn't that enough?

I solved the problem by subclassing the ProductAction with an overridden perform() method that creates an inner PublishingResult which is passes to the super.perform() and then merge but I'm afraid I'm missing something since I don't understand the purpopse of the RootIUResultFilterAdvice.

Thomas Hallgren