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[p2-dev] 3.5 M5 migration issue

Ciao Guys :)
I was wondering if you could help me with a migration issue I'm seeing
with our previously 3.4-based installer.
At some point in the installation process I reach a native call which
does not return:

The native call is UnixProxyProvider.getGConfProxyInfo(String) (this is
gnome/gtk specific).

The p2 version I'm using is the I-build of this week, same is true for
M5.. :(

Also, in the past we were using Collectors a lot, as well as the
MetadataRepositories class that was fed some URLs, 
looks like these concepts are not to be used anymore, Collector is not
derived more then 10 times anymore, and MetadataRepositories cannot be
fed URLs so easily anymore, do you have some pointers for alternatives?
E.g, I'm guessing that one should favor overriding the IMatchQuery base
classes instead of putting logic into Collectors?
Ciao, hh
P.S.: I could help write a migration guide, using my experience there,
if you could use that info?