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Re: [p2-dev] Where to place ECF/p2 error translation/messages

We will be contributing to the rebuild but we need a bit more time.

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Re: [p2-dev] Where to place ECF/p2 error translation/messages

Hi Henrik,

Henrik Lindberg wrote:
> Makes sense to have a new o.e.e.p2.repository bundle - I was just
> looking at IStateful in artifact repository, and was just
> contemplating moving it to p2.core.
> I will rename the "transport" bundle I just created as suggested.
> Regarding error codes - the best would naturally be if ECF had full
> abstraction of error codes - maybe an implementation in p2 can serve
> as a model?

Yes, we recognize this (that it would be better to have a full
abstraction of error codes)...but have not been able to get to it.  I
would be happy if this abstraction could migrate/be contributed to
org.eclipse.ecf.filetransfer API.  If this can/could happen rapidly
(i.e. before API freeze) all the better...but I can't commit resources
to it directly at the moment.  But since you (Henrik) are doing this,
I'm happy to work with you to get it in place.

> I am thinking of having a few higher order "transport" exceptions
> (malformed address, unknown transport, unknown host, (remote) file not
> found, unauthorized, timeout, etc) with details from underlying
> protocol.  Right now there are quite a few different exceptions that
> surface from the ECFTransport classes. It was quite interesting to run
> test with addresses faulty in different ways (behavior ranges from
> complete freeze and strange messages, to generic "can not connect
> to"). I intend to nail all of these down.

Great.  Let me know the timing on things...if we can/should get these in
for API freeze for ECF 3.0 terrific...if it needs/wants to be in future
release then that's OK too.


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