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Re: [p2-dev] 3.5 and dropins

Hi Andrew,

Yes. That should work so please log a bug.
The logs indicate something is pretty unhappy in the user's config.ini It would be good to include the config.ini at various stages. In particular it would good to get the two root config.ini aswell as the user config.ini before it logged the error

Also, can we make the problem simpler. If you take EMF out of the picture does this still work.
Something else to try narrow down the problem... run the root install once after you've done the upgrade.


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[p2-dev] 3.5 and dropins


I've been trying to simulate some of the issues we're having with
dropins in Fedora (have to run -clean when upgrading anything,
can't update from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2 without rm -rf ~/.eclipse) with 3.5.

I tried the following:

1. as root, extract Eclipse SDK 3.5M5 into a read-only location
2. as non-root, run extracted Eclipse => no problem
3. close eclipse
4. as root, extract emf-xsd-SDK-2.5.0M4 into extracted Eclipse's
5. as regular user, run extracted Eclipse => no problem, EMF present
6. as root, rm -rf extracted eclipse
7. as root, extract Eclipse SDK 3.5 I20090224-0800 into same read-only
8. as root, extract EMF as above
9. as regular user, run extracted Eclipse => can't start up

I've pasted the error log here:


Before I go and file bugs, should this work?


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