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[p2-dev] Delta pack and p2

I have been looking at our delta pack story today, and trying to see if we can make it a proper p2 repository.

There are several *interesting* things about the delta pack:
- Install means "lay down on disk", not "add to bundles.info file"
- You want install bundles for configurations you don't support (remember what install means)
- We don't want to use the root file knowledge in the executable's feature build.property file.  That is, we don't want the binary files in the executable feature to be moved to a binary directory
- IMHO, the delta pack should live next to your install (to make it easier to manage).

We can talk about this on Monday, but here are my ideas (what I have been playing with):
1. Create a delta pack publishing action
 - This ignores filters, because you don't want filters in the delta pack
 - This ignores generate root files for features
2. Create a custom "delta pack" touchpoint that
 - Lays down the bits in eclipse/deltapack/features & plugins
 - Does not update the simple configurator
3. Make sure we zip up all the bundles (and use the unzip instruction for those that should be unzipped)
4. Create a top level feature group. (Currently the executable feature group doesn't contain all the bundles)

The delta pack touchpoint encodes what it means to "install the delta pack"

If anybody has thoughts on this, please let me know.

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