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[p2-dev] Regression in Publisher?

I'm having problems with the BundleAction in the Publisher not recognizing the existence of ".pack.gz" files. I ran the debugger and ended up in the following code in BundlesAction.generateBundleIUs() at line 721:

// Publish according to the shape on disk
File bundleLocation = new File(bd.getLocation());
if (bundleLocation.isDirectory())
publishArtifact(ad, new File(bd.getLocation()), new File(bd.getLocation()).listFiles(), info);
publishArtifact(ad, new File(bd.getLocation()), info);

The bundleLocation in my case is always the bundle jar so I end up in the second publishArtifact(). The code that adds the corresponding .pack.gz file however, is only present in the publishArtifact() that is called when bundleLocation is a directory. This never happens.

Looking at the deprecated Generated.generateBundleIUs(), I see similar code as the one above, but there it's followed by this (line 409):

if (info.reuseExistingPack200Files() && !info.publishArtifacts()) {
File packFile = new Path(bd.getLocation()).addFileExtension("pack.gz").toFile(); //$NON-NLS-1$
if (packFile.exists()) {
IArtifactDescriptor ad200 = MetadataGeneratorHelper.createPack200ArtifactDescriptor(key, packFile, ad.getProperty(IArtifactDescriptor.ARTIFACT_SIZE));
publishArtifact(ad200, new File[] {packFile}, destination, true);

Am I missing something obvious here? It seems odd that no regression test has trigged on this.

Thomas Hallgren