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[p2-dev] trouble with metadata repositories.


I've been playing around with a little bit the p2 agent rcp and a
couple of repositories that the generator app has created and
everything appears to be working splendidly. However, I wanted to try
out the provide/require mechanism a little bit so I added a

    <provided namespace='hello' name='world' version='1.0.0'/>

to one of the IUs, and a corresponding

    <required namespace='hello' name='world' range='0.0.0'/>

to another. And I can't seem to figure out how to get this to resolve
correctly; when I try to install the second IU alone, it complains
saying that the requriedCapability hello/world/0.0.0 can't be
satisfied, however, if I try to install both simultaneously (or the
first prior to the second), it, again, works like a charm... How can I
cause the second IU to be an install-root for the first one? It works
with the generated stuff (java.package dependencies), so what am I
missing? Or is that stuff being handled somehow specially?