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[p2-dev] pre-populating sites list

Hi Folks,

I have an rcp app that I'm p2 enabling, and I would like to pre-populate the sites list with several of my own (like Eclipse 3.4 does with Ganymede sites). BTW...this is with 3.4.1 as target platform.

I already have a plugin_customization.ini file with contents below. Although I see the effect on the created product of the other preferences (e.g. the org.eclipse.ui/SHOW_PROGRESS_ON_STARTUP is having the desired effect), I'm not seeing the repositories appear in the list of sites. Are the preference ids below correct? Is something else obviously wrong? Do I need more/other preferences?



org.eclipse.ui/SHOW_PROGRESS_ON_STARTUP = true
org.eclipse.ui/defaultPerspectiveId = com.slewis.myapp.editor.perspective
org.eclipse.ui/DOCK_PERSPECTIVE_BAR = topRight
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository/repositories/http\:__slewis.com/name=Slewis Updates
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.repository/repositories/http\:__slewis.com/name=Slewis Updates