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Re: [p2-dev] Categories

Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:

Hi, Thomas.
There's been discussion of categories in the last couple of p2 calls, as well as some open bugs on these issues...

4 - there has been discussion for some time about the ability to support repo aggregators who provide their own categorization, independent of the publisher's view of categories. I agree it feels "backwards" (and in fact, makes finding uncategorized things quite clunky) to rely on the categories themselves to enumerate their content, but the intention was that aggregation and grouping for the same IU's could be different in different repos, and this should be done without having to modify the IU itself.

This is probably the thing that I'd consider the most problematic. Consider the case when you install from several disparate repositories. The first repository that defines a category name will block all other repositories using that same name. There's no way different vendors can agree on publishing things under a common category unless they jointly maintain that category in a joint repository. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of categorization? If the only purpose with the category is to group things together in the scope of one repository, why not just use a feature for that?

If I understood whats in https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=261104 correctly, the UI currently merges the category IU's together when they have the same ID. To me it looks like you are using the IU's in ways that I don't think it was intended. As the name suggests, it's something installable. Here you merge them just to group things together in the UI and they're not really installable. Why don't you simple use a property where a IU can list the categories that it thinks it belongs to? I'm confused...

Thomas Hallgren