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[p2-dev] User defined metadata

Title: User defined metadata
Hi Folks,

Today we build a repository by creating features and products in eclipse and using the export wizards to export a repository. I was wondering if it is possible to add additional user-defined metadata to be included in the IU’s so that we can query the IU’s by that metadata. For example, we create components and represent them as features, but in our UI we do not want a huge list of components that can be installed, instead we would like to categorize those components by some of our internally used category names. An example for an ESB could be a component of type Adapter, or Endpoint, or Channel, for instance.

In a nice intelligent UI I would like to present the user with a list of the types of components that match the current context. Is any of this possible today? Any recommendations on how to make it possible?

Best Regards,

Don Laidlaw | Sr. Research Engineer |
Infor | office: 902-576-5185 | mobile: 902-401-6771 | don.laidlaw@xxxxxxxxx