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[p2-dev] Multiple targets

Hi Folks,
Suppose that I have different types of bundles; osgi bundles, database bundles (that contain an OSGi manifest, table defs, views, etc).  OSGi bundles live in an OSGi container.  Database bundles would live in a database. 
My application would obviosuly comprise both database bundles (persistence) and traditional osgi bundles (behavior). 
The potential advantage of this approach is that everyting can be a bundle and I can leverage all the nice version dependency stuff; my osgi bundles can be version matched to my database models, etc.
As these bundles are all logically related and assuming the osgi instance becomes the orchestrator for all this - would it be possible to provision everything through the p2 agent of the osgi instance?  Perhaps by associating my database bundle IUs with a new touchpoint type/actions that can provisioned straight to the database (which would probably also need to be described in the profile's metadata).
Would I need a separate agent on the database?
Or are both equally valid (or invalid)?
Many thanks