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[p2-dev] Categories and Versions

Hi All,
While working on build/p2 integration I've come across category generation.

What are the semantics of Categories today?

 I see the following:
1) Categories are generated without a Version
2) Categories are generated referencing specific versions of Feature IUs

To me it seems to be plain wrong that categories don't have versions, especially when taken together with the fact that they reference specific versions of features.

Does the UI consider the included IU versions when displaying everything?  What does it do when there are multiple instances of the category IU in multiple repos?
There can't be multiple instances of the category in a single repo due to them not being versioned, how do we imagine a category changing over time (things added/removed).

I believe we should add versions to the categories even if only to preserve "same id + same version = same content".  I don't have an opinion on referencing specific IUs instead of using wider range.
What do others think?  I have raised https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=261104.