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[p2-dev] P2 Reducing GUI

Hi all ,

As we discused on equinox-dev ML I've moved this issue to proper ML (sorry aboute that),

I'll try to explain:

1) Issue with provisioning system equinox.p2 reused in my RCP application:

I'm trying to prepare specifics update system for my RCP application based on P2.

Generaly currently my aplication shows normal("typical" :) ) Update Manager (Help->Software Updates). But I want to reduce the GUI to minimum (more or less like resented on http://www.richclient2.eu/2007_07_03/updates-for-rcp-dummies-restricting-the-update-manager/ but on this link it is "older" Update manager). So P2 should looks for update each time aplication is started and if there are availabe updates-install them (if it posible even without any user accpeptance).

I've found on this (quoted) site that i can attach plugins to my aplicationworkspace in Eclipse and modyfie/rewrite/add the properties in plugin.properties, plugin_customization.ini (maybe somewhere else?) to provide custom behaviour and GUI view.

So is there any place where can i find a list of properties to set to reduce or modyfie (especialy reduce GUI to provide auto-Update without user control or with minimal user integration) ? I've read most of the articles from eclipse wiki - describing P2 system but

4example I've mada a change in imported plugin(org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui.sdk) provisioningPrefPage = Install/Update TEST and in application it succesed the change in preferences page. In this way I would like to made some modyfication to adjust P2 update manager's ... is it posible :) ?

Thanks for any advice

-- Regards Rafal Jagielski