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[p2-dev] tomorrow's test pass

For manual testing of the M5 candidate, please see this link:


- It is good to go through all the tests, but please also note that there are some areas of emphasis listed for testing that reflect the changes to the UI for M4.

- I've also changed your assigned user groups and/or the settings you should use for that group.

- If you are testing and I did not list you in the test matrix, please add your name and platform, and select a group (A, B, C).

- The test cases refer to some specific installs and updates where necessary, but in general, please feel free to substitute some different sites/IU's/features that you are familiar with to broaden the testing. For example, when testing the detection of automatic updates, it is important to have installed something for which updates are available. Suggestions are given in the test plan, but feel free to use different test data if you know of sites/features that have upgrades.

Bugs in the UI should be opened with [ui] in the title.