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Re: [p2-dev] Version Type Proposal

Henrik Lindberg wrote:

It is expected that IUs are published with a known type (i.e. not "any") as the publisher of an IU should have the knowledge to select the appropriate version. In the unlikely case that the publisher is not capable of correctly describing the version syntax/semantics, it is still possible for the publisher to use "any". To specify "any" for the IU is saying "you can interpret this version string any way you like".
I would go so far as saying that 'any' is not permitted as a version type. It can only be used in a query (i.e. a range).

I'm concerned that if we allow versions to be declared 'any', then we'll end up moving the responsibility of interpreting the versions to the consumer (the one writing the ranges) rather then enforcing its specification. The consumer will not know so in a majority of cases the real comparison will be any == any (i.e. a one segment string compare).

The publisher must decide on version semantics. If string comparison is indeed intended, then raw(%s) should be used. If it's not, then the publisher must have something in mind and that intention should be clearly stated.

Thomas Hallgren