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Re: [p2-dev] Version Type Proposal

Henrik Lindberg wrote on 12/03/2008 03:57:24 PM:

> The "any" type does not define the segment delimiter - the
> delimiters are specified by the defined types - as an example raw(%
> d:%d) defines two numerical segments with a ":" as delimiter. The
> only "delimiters" are the version range delimiters, but an any type
> string is not allowed to include them unescaped.

I'm a bit confused then. The description for the "any" type includes:

- Segments are compared in order, and a %d segment is always smaller than a %s segment
- The instance with fewer segments is smaller if the compared segments are equal

How does this work if the "any" type doesn't have segment delimiters? Also the examples have:


Which looks to me like "." is a segment delimiter.