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[p2-dev] Is this a bug

The target platform is my RCP, and I imported some plug-ins with source code into my workspace. Did some code changes, and they're complied successfully by PDE. All of plug-ins don't add extra path in their build path, they follow the OSGi rule to require/import necessary bundles/packages.

Then I created a update site project, then add some features in it. But I failed to build the feature. I found one plug-in missing in artifacts.xml and content.xml. A lot of errors generated in log files, but the jars of those plug-ins have successfully been built into plugins folder.

The name of feature is 'com.ibm.productivity.tools.standalone.subset.feature', and it has below plug-ins,

Another weird thing is the MANIFEST.MF of bundle 'com.ibm.productivity.tools.ui.writer' missed, the Ant generated one in that plugins/com.ibm.productivity.tools.ui.writer.jar.
Any comment is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Error log and incorrect artifacts.xml and content.xml

(See attached file: logs.zip)(See attached file: content.xml)(See attached file: artifacts.xml)
screen shot of project explorer
(See attached file: project_shot.PNG)

Best Regards
Zhu Meng Xin

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