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[p2-dev] UI workflow changes/provisional API changes

I've just committed a bunch of changes in the UI to introduce the new workflows described here:

Info for Users:

- The information that used to be in the Software Updates... dialog is now found in two places:
* The available software view is shown as the first page of the "Install New Software..." dialog
* The installed software view is now shown in the "Installation Information..." dialog, which is based on a pluggable Help>About experimental API. I expect the "Installation Information..." menu item to be temporary. As soon as Help>About hooks in the experimental dialog, then this menu item would go away and you would see the "Installed Software" view as one of several pages in the Help>About dialog

- A new menu item is provided for "Check for Updates...". This is a one-click background update check that can be done without opening a dialog. Basically it's the same workflow as if you had automatic updates turned on.

- The workflows also feel a little different because we try to resolve in the background wherever possible. So if you select "Update..." or "Uninstall..." from the installation dialog, it will immediately close and you'll get a background progress dialog that lets you keep working. In some ways it feels a bit clunkier, but this is the tradeoff we're making in order to let users keep working while we contact repos and generate metadata.

Info for API Clients:
This work impacted the provisional API for the UI. Rather than continuously barrage early adopters with little changes, I tried to do some of the serious reorganization that I knew had to be done this release. I'm sure there will be other changes, but these are the biggest. Because it's provisional API, and lots of classes moved around, packages disappearing, etc..., I did not include temporary deprecations except where it would have broken PDE. Hopefully the necessary changes are obvious to anyone using the provisional API's. Apologies in advance if they are not., Open a bug or send a note to this list if you aren't sure how to adapt to the changes.

Please open bugs as you find problems.