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Re: [p2-dev] EPP and the p2 installer

I second what Jeff is saying. The installer is not high on our priority and will only benefit from indirect improvements that are done to the rest of p2.
That said, given that the epp wizard is in need for this (or something like it), you may want to explore what the foundation offer as infrastructure to have the EPP community contribute/drive this work (e.g. do we need to move the installer to the epp project, does it need to become a new project, etc.)



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26/09/2008 06:05 AM


[p2-dev] EPP and the p2 installer

Hi *,

we (EPP) are using the p2 installer in the upcoming wizard that creates
dynamic download configurations. Maybe you've read the announcements many
weeks ago or in this blog entry  
last week. Now we have deployed the wizard for "Friends of Eclipse" on


Maybe we have to change the URL in the future, but for now the RAP/p2
application is available there.

* We are using the last released version (June) of the p2 installer. - Is
there an improved version somewhere available that we should use instead? Are
there any plans for future releases etc.? I couldn't find that information.

* Are there any plans to enhance the installer? E.g. proxy support, a wizard
like approach where you have to agree to some licenses etc.? Something that
enables us to tweak the layout?

* In most cases it works perfectly!! But sometimes the p2 installer hangs
without telling us (or the logfile) what the reason is. Maybe this has to do
with the heavy network load during the last few days, but in any case: Are
there any tracing options? Is there a way (without using the debugger) to see
what is going on inside the installer?

Thanks and regards,

Markus Knauer
INNOOPRACT Informationssysteme GmbH
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