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[p2-dev] p2 director build accessing ganymede jar files

I have been happily running p2 director to do an installation as part of my build process for some time now, and it normally completes in a few seconds. It does not actually produce the correct result, but that's the subject of another story.

My problem is that yesterday, my build just hung and then timed out when running p2 director. It did this consistently, and I did not change anything. After some debugging with kill -3 and wireshark, I saw that it was trying to download files from downloads.eclipse.org. And of course yesterday was 3.4.1 so that explained the huge delay.

As my youngest daughter (who is 2) says when confronted with certain foods: "I don't like that".

Is there anyway to prevent it from checking remote sites when doing my build? My repository (archive and content) is entirely local and the installation of Eclipse I'm pointed to in my build is also local.



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