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Re: [p2-dev] p2 flavors

I suggest ignoring the existence of flavours. It was a concept that was never fully fleshed out and exercised and we'll likely need to revisit whether to keep it in. The idea was to allow different sets of configuration data to be bound to an IU at install-time. The canonical example is bundle start levels: you could have a "server" flavor that sets one particular bundle start-level, and a "client" flavor that uses a different start-level. You don't want to mix this data into the IU because it prevents reuse of the same IU in different contexts. In theory the set of flavours is open-ended, but in practice there exists today only the "tooling" flavour in our repositories. I'm not even sure if flavours are even in use today in the planner/resolver, so setting it may not even have any effect.

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[p2-dev] p2 flavors


Question:  Is there some documentation on p2 flavors?  e.g. what are
valid flavor values, what happens/is supposed to happen during
publishing and/or installing for different flavors, etc?



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