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[p2-dev] refactoring in the UI classes

Hi, everyone.
Please ping me if you plan to make changes in the UI bundles in the next week. I'm in the middle of a big refactoring and expect the merge back into HEAD to be a little tricky.

I'm doing a bunch of UI workflow changes and some accompanying code refactoring.
Since I'm going to be making some changes to the provisional API, I'm doing a lot of cleanup while I'm at it, mainly moving classes out of provisional API to internal packages where appropriate, etc. This includes some refactoring of the UI contributions between the p2.ui bundle and the p2.ui.sdk bundle.

I'm hoping to release it by the beginning of next week, but I'm not sure yet it will be ready.

For the curious, I'm working in a branch, p2UI_WorkflowAndContributionReorg.
Since classes are moving, in many cases to no longer be provisional API, I'm not planning to keep deprecated provisional API around for them.
Where I have clients (such as PDE UI), I'll keep deprecated API signatures and supply patches to affected clients.