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[p2-dev] touchpoints and touchpoint actions...api needed?

Hi P2ers,

Currently p2 has two 'built in' touchpoints...EclipseTouchpoint and NativeTouchpoint. I've noticed that the impl of these touchpoints is not considered API...meaning that other touchpoint implementers (e.g. me :), essentially need to either use internal API or reimplement shared functions. I'm looking at this because I'm working on a 'webapp' touchpoint/touchpoints.

Are there p2 plans to expose/refactor any of these actions/touchpoint code to make them API...so that other touchpoint authors can/could reuse pieces of them? I see in the current p2 plan this item for M3

Revise Touchpoint action contribution model

Does this include what I'm looking for or is it something else? Do other consumers agree that some sort of 'touchpoint api/library' is needed/desirable?

If this item above does include some of this work then I would like to offer up contributions for this item (in cooperation with whomever is also working on it). If it doesn't, I would volunteer myself for taking on a new item.