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[p2-dev] p2 manual testing

I've moved the UI portion of our 3.4 manual tests to a new wiki page, and will be working on reorganizing this page.

I've left the old test page as is (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_tests). Note there are some core tests on this page. Can someone from core check these and make sure that all the scenarios are now covered in automated tests? If we need core manual tests (dropins, etc.) we'll probably want a new page for those.

In the case of manual tests, I don't think that "more tests" alone is the answer.
- We need to ensure the manual tests get run more frequently and by more people. I'll reorganize this page to include a smaller set of smoke tests at the top and more detailed tests below.
- We also need to have a wide variety of publicly available sites to connect to, so that we aren't always testing with the same sites. During the 3.4 test pass, the test instructions asked testers to post the sites they used onto the test wiki page so that we'd have a larger list. Only two sites were added to the list, which underlines the problem that not many people are getting through all the tests and we aren't testing many different sites.

Can everyone please take a moment to add some site URL's that you use to the test page?
And if you have files (p2 zip repos, extension location repo zip files) that you could share for testing, let's get those posted, also.
Please see