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Re: [p2-dev] installer and director

Just to be clear for all, there was never any intention for the installer to be anything more than it currently is.  We purposely made it as simple as possible.  In fact, we were bummed that we had to have it as "complicated" as it is (i.e., asking two questions rather than one").  This was done for exactly the reason you point out -- having just one UI for all "installers" will be challenging in the least.  Rather than do that we strive to make it really easy for people to create installers or use their existing installers. Consolidating the "installer core" into the director seems like a good way of clarifying/driving that story.


Schaefer, Doug wrote:
I think deciding the UI for the installer will difficult. Having a
standard UI would we desirable but I'm not sure what everyone's
requirements are. For example, at Wind River, we are reusing the UI from
our previous generation RCP based installer. Others may want to see a
more standard Windows-like installer UI, or something similar to NSIS,
or one of many Linux package manager UIs. The director itself is really
just a command-line version of this so you could consider that a UI.

At the least they should be based on a common installer core, if they
aren't already.


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Hey Scott,

Yes, the installer and director are very similar.  IMHO these 
should combined somehow.  The challenge will be to keep the 
installer simple.  
The idea there is that it is really just an example of what 
you could do. We are not looking to make it be the all 
singing all dancing installer to beat all installers.  Having 
said that, the director is also similarly simple so combining 
the two would make sense.

do you have a feel for the functional overlap? Are there 
things that one does that the other does?

Another option is to put the headless part of the installer 
in the director app (inthe director bundle) and leave the UI 
part in the Installer bundle.  That way people wanting 
headless stuff can just use 
the director app and the installer becomes a UI thing.   This 
would mean 
pushing down a couple things like the install description 
etc.  Not sure how much code that would be.


Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi folks,

I'm working with the installer, with the notion of using it 
for webapp 

I'm aware of the director application and have used it in 
the past.  
Are there any plans to merge the director application and installer 
application?  In some ways they seem simila...i.e. specifying 
artifact, meta-data repos, profiles, etc via command line 
or a properties file [installer]...or both using p2 underneath.
Is there any plan/thought/desire to merge them into one 
application...or do they have different use cases and/or 


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