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RE: [p2-dev] qualifier in product not translated

Thanks Pascal! :)
A quick bz-search did not reveal the mentioned bug, can you send me the
number of the bugzilla so that I can subscribe and maybe vote for it
Ciao, hh


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This is a well-known problem. I have opened a bug report to that effect
a few weeks back.

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[p2-dev] qualifier in product not translated	

Ciao Guys :)
Would you be able to help me with the following problem please?
The overall issue I'm having is a failing update-ProvisioningPlan. The
workaround I'm using right now seems to prove my theory below, but I'd
like you guys to confirm before I create a bugzilla.

Using 3.4 I'm exporting a product into a p2 repository, using qualifiers
in the bundle versions to generate more recent versions whenever a build
is finished. Now, when trying to update myself during the initial run of
my product the Query looking for updates does find them correctly but
the ProvisioningPlan never returns "isOK". Looking at content.xml I
found out that the group, generated from the product, has the version
"1.0.0" just like my product-definition indicates. The inclusion rules
of that group are very strict so that updates are only possible for the
entire group, which is fine in this scenario so I went ahead and changed
the version of the product to '1.0.0.qualifier'. However, looking at the
repository the qualifier never got translated and was put as-is into

Long story short, my release-script replaces "qualifier" with a real
qualifier now and things start to work...
There is two solutions I can see here:
- Change the group definitions to have a wider VersionRange so that
individual plug-ins may be updated or
- Allow for qualifiers in the product version to support updating the
product along with the changed bundle.

Maybe I'm not seeing the obvious solution here, please advise !:)
Ciao, hh
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