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RE: [p2-dev] How to install a plugin using P2

Instead of providing an update site jar you could host an http update site. This will be just like your old one except it will now contain p2 metadata generated using the p2 metadata tool as documented here:
All you need to do then is to let your users know your update site URL so that they can add it to the list of repositories in the P2 Update UI. Software in this site will then become available to your users, as will updates when you add them to the repository over time.
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We built an Database Query Explorer as a plugin for eclipse. Till eclipse 3.3 we used to provide update-site.jar for our users to download it and install the plugin. Now we want to use the Equinox P2 technology. We have gone through te documntaion regarding metadata generator and p2 director application inthe wiki.
However, we don't have a clear picture on how to implement it. Could someone please point to any examples or documentation regarding this.
Should every feature or plugin that is to be installed, generate a Installation unit. i.e. even for an update site project in our case, and then use that Installation Unit to install through p2 director app.
Thank You for your help.

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