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Re: [p2-dev] p2 wars

To add a little context here, nano, micro, and milli refer to different collections of p2 components that we imagined might form the basis for a server-side provisioning story.

nano... referes to an install that just uses simpleconfigurator and some mechanism to "kick" the install to re-check for a configuration change
micro... refers to an install that contains the engine and touchpoints (no planner) as well as the same configurator used in nano. The idea is this install will receive a pre-resolved set of IUs and operations and blindly execute what it's told.
milli... refers to essentially a full p2 install minus the UI

Servletbridge applications currently use update.configurator for provisioning which by itself is really not a proper solution. A few teams have written custom provisioning solutions for this environment.
FWIW here's a pointer to what the Jazz server team did (registration required) https://jazz.net/wiki/bin/view/Main/JazzServerProvisioner


Inactive hide details for Scott Lewis ---08/18/2008 06:04:22 PM---After entering the subject it makes me think ofScott Lewis ---08/18/2008 06:04:22 PM---After entering the subject it makes me think of


Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>




08/18/2008 06:04 PM


[p2-dev] p2 wars

After entering the subject it makes me think of


But I don't mean *that* kind of war :).

I'm interested in putting together some Equinox+p2 configurations (nano,
micro, milli) as easily deployable webapp server war files...by using
the most excellent servletbridge...and then working on using/adding p2
APIs to manage/configure the resulting equinox instance.

Any existing community work on this?



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