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Re: [p2-dev] updating platform plugins

Scott, some answers below. We can discuss on #eclipse-dev if it's still unclear. We'll likely need to wait until Pascal and DJ return in late August before changing how we consume ECF in the platform.

Scott Lewis wrote on 08/07/2008 11:58:09 AM:

> For p2 ECF included 6 plugins in the platform.  In a previous dialog
> (see below) we discussed briefly how the ECF project can/could update
> these 6 plugins on a schedule separate from the platform.
> I just want to confirm the following...according to bug 222945 ECF
> can/could create a feature patch and update the six ECF plugins with
> that.  The necessary PDE changes (to support feature patch export?) are
> soon to be made, but meta-data can/could be crafted by hand to do this
> if necessary/desired.  Correct?

Patch feature export is supported in 3.4.0 - it was always supported. No hand-crafting of metadata is needed to create patches, but writing a patch feature has always been a somewhat painful and slow process. What we didn't do in 3.4 is support creating patches on the fly when a newer version is dropped into the platform. We're not sure if this will happen in 3.5 either, as we are leaning towards having PDE tooling to greatly simply creation and deployment of patches into the currently running system (see recent comments in bug 222945).

> The build changes for requiring ECF (rather than including it in
> platform) have not yet been made (can't remember bug # on that)...also
> correct?


> Note ECF will soon (after Equinox completes its move probably) be moving
> to the runtime project...so this will affect builds, etc.

No problem, the move should be easy to accomodate on the build side (just update the map file with the new location).
> Thanks...I've been away, but will soon begin attending p2 weekly
> meetings to follow up on both these things/other things.

Yep, lots of vacations still going on here too. I assume there will be a p2 meeting on Monday but there won't be many of us.