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[p2-dev] Help needed for installing a feature using p2


We tried generating metadata and installing a feature, but failed to
do so. Following are the steps we used to install the feature. Please
let us know if we are missing anything, or point out to any
documentation or examples that would help us understand the problem.

1.)We have developed a simple plugin using the HelloWorld template.
Included the plugin in a feature. Both the plugin and feature folders
are placed in the C:/sourceFolder.
2.) Generated the metadata using EclipseGenerator withe the following arguments.
      -source C:/sourceFolder     -metadataRepository
file:C:/repository/      -metadataRepositoryName "Sample Repository"
      -artifactRepository file:C:/repository/
-artifactRepositoryName "Sample Artifacts"
      -publishArtifacts  -publishArtifactRepository
4.) After the metadata is generated inthe C:/repository folder, tried
installing the featureby running the
org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app.application with the following
      -metadataRepository file:C:/repository/
      -artifactRepository file:C:/repository/

This didn't throw any errors, but didn't install the feature either.

Also tried installing the feature using the Help > Software Updates>
Available Software. Added the C:/repository by selecting "Add Site"
button. Then selecting the "Install" menu in the context menu over
"Sample Feature". This too didn't work.

Please let us know if we are doing anything wrong here.

Thanks & regards,