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Re: [p2-dev] Updates to the P2 Ganymede Repository - how is this managed?

Yes, you are correct.

I can't speak for all the projects in Ganymede, but AFAIK the intent is to update the Ganymede update site twice more -- in September for the SR1 release, and in February for the SR2 release [1]. As Ganymede is aggregated from the individual project update sites [2], you will be able to find these updates on both the projects' sites and the Ganymede site.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Ganymede#Coordinated_Service_Releases_.28Proposed.29
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Ganymede/Build

After February 2009, some projects may choose to update their own personal project sites with subsequent releases, but those updates will not be copied/aggregated to the Ganymede site. This is the same story as told for the Callisto and Europa releases, in days of yore. :)

If you want an offline mirror of all the projects in Ganymede and you want it to be more up to date than the February Ganymede SR2 update or you want it updated more frequently than twice after GA, you'll want to mirror the projects' sites too.

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[p2-dev] Updates to the P2 Ganymede Repository - how is this managed?


Can anyone confirm if the following is correct?

It seemed the the Callisto & Europa sites contained copies of features/plugins hosted elsewhere. Once a user installed a feature from Callisto/Europa they would receive updates to this from the feature's home site, not from Callisto/Europa. The Callisto and Europa sites themselves seemed to get updated a few times a year but they did not stay up to date with all updates released via the sub project sites.

Does the P2 way of building repositories mean that Ganymede will stay effectively up to date with material in all Ganymede subprojects throughout the year? If I mirror Ganymede can I keep this mirror completely up to date by just remirroring? Or will I need to check for updates in all subproject repositories as well (as was the case for 3.2/3.3)?



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